Information for Festival & Event Organisers

PsyCare UK is a leading provider of welfare and harm reduction services. Having formed in 2008 under the name Kosmicare UK, we have provided welfare at events ranging from 500 to 30,000 people. In this time we have assisted thousands of people and have developed a unique skill-set that enables us to effectively manage a variety of drug-related difficulties and other psychological crises in a way that minimises unnecessary hospitalisation or medication.

Whilst maintaining a neutral stance, we approach drugs openly and honestly, and pride ourselves on giving accurate and credible information using a peer education philosophy. Our attention to ‘set & setting’ and our use of experienced and well trained volunteers ensures the care we give is second to none. Having PsyCare UK on site will help promote a positive and conscientious atmosphere at the event.

Why choose PsyCare UK for your event?

PsyCare UK can:

  • Provide tailored, highly price-competitive welfare, either as sole provider or as a specialist support unit to existing welfare.
  • Provide a 24/7 service, staffed by an experienced and dedicated team of volunteers.
  • Reduce police involvement and psychiatric hospitalisations by providing intensive support for challenging presentations. This can help avoid the negative press and licensing issues that are associated with the involvement of emergency services.
  • Reduce the risk of overdose and harmful drug interactions by providing comprehensive, credible harm reduction advice and drug information to festival attendees.
  • Work closely with other on-site services reducing unnecessary burden upon them.
  • Provide generic welfare services, such as provision of sunscreen and condoms.

People love going to festivals and we all want to create a safe environment for people to enjoy themselves. By choosing PsyCare UK for your event you can ensure that all your guests are taken care of to the highest standards, with safety and wellbeing as our paramount concern.

  • We provide personalised welfare services to fit the needs of your event. From the initial point of contact we will work with you closely to ensure our service is exactly right for your event.
  • We are the first welfare service specialising in psychedelic crisis in the UK, but we are equally at home dealing with all legal and illegal drugs and general welfare issues.
  • We do not endorse or condone the use of drugs, but we accept that at festivals and events some people will chose to use drugs. This allows us to be realistic and effective without being judgemental.
  • PsyCare UK provides credible, up to date information on drug risks which encourages attendees to be more thoughtful about the risks they are exposed to.
  • We are experts in managing the challenging psychological states which can emerge as a result of drug use, especially psychedelics. Often these prove difficult for festivals to manage; requiring a number of personnel from medics, security and even event organisers.  We pride ourselves on our ability to manage these situations to result in the best outcome for all involved.
  • We are a vibrant community who fit into the festival ethos. Although many of our volunteers have professional qualifications which assist with welfare provision, one of our many strengths is our volunteers are seasoned festival goers who create a warm, empathetic and compassionate environment.
  • We are able to provide our own shelter structures, which festival organisers and attendees often comment is much less clinical in appearance than many other welfare organisations, and helps us integrate into the festival seamlessly.
  • Full statistical recordings and an end of festival/event report to help organisers understand where resources are best allocated in real time and for the next event.
  • As a charity our primary focus is the health and wellbeing of festival goers. As such, our pricing is very competitive and tailored to the size of your event.

If you are interested in using PsyCare UK for your event please contact us here or email psycare (at)

Services we provide include:

  • Managing drug-induced psychological crises.
  • Befriending, emotional and practical support from an individual facilitator.
  • Providing generic welfare services, such as provision of sunscreen and condoms.
  • Specialist and credible harm reduction and drug information.
  • Close liaison with medical and security services.
  • 24/7 service, staffed by an experienced and dedicated team of volunteers.
  • A managed fireplace  during the night – very popular on chilly british evenings!
  • For small to medium sized events we provide our own structures.
  • Training for other on-site services on how to effectively recognise and manage drug-related issues.
  • A statistical report upon completion of the festival/event and identification of major trends in real time.

Read the key findings of research which explains the importance of having a service such as ours at your event: